Our Openings, Closures, Holidays and Leave

Check our Schedule!


Our days OFF are:
Saturday, Sunday, such as Public holidays with their Bridges
(Eastern, Ascension, Pentecost, 1st of August = Swiss National Day, Jeûne Genevois = Fast Geneva, Christmas and New Year eve).

We are at this time CLOSED
Monday to Friday

Restaurant: CLOSED
from 09:30am to 23:00pm approximately

Take Away: CLOSED
Order in advance from 9:30am to 07:30pm
Take away from 12:00am to 02:00pm
& 05:00pm to 07:30pm

Kitchen: CLOSED
from 11:30am to 01:45pm
(01:45pm is our last order)
and from 06:00pm till 09:00pm
(09:00pm is our last order)

Do you serve in the afternoons?

The kitchen closes at 13:45 (14:00) and opens again towards 18:30 following the affluence of the restaurant.

If you wish to organize a late lunch or an advanced dinner, or a work event in the afternoons, we can open the kitchen as long as a minimum of 8 people are present and consume a pre-ordered menu in advance.

No carafe of water or tap water will be served.

Click here for more banquets information.

Do you have a Terrace?

With the beautiful days beginning to arrive, it’s hard to resist the call of our terrace!

Come and delight your senses in our non-smoking garden, and eat in the shade of the terrace, now OPEN for the season.

Fans are provided for the hottest summer days, coolness and privacy are guaranteed.

Smokers are invited to smoke on our small terrace at the main entrance.

Thank you for your understanding.

Banquets, Groups

Special extra charges

For groups, events, or banquets, we do not serve tap water (carafe of water).

Corkage is charged CHF 23.– per bottle and Gluten-free Bread are CHF 1.50 per roll.

Anyone missing during the event will be charged.

Call us if there is a change.

You can ask for our Menu proposal for group here.

The use of a Beamer is CHF 20.–.

Rental and Privatization of the restaurant

We do not take a room rental, as long as there is a minimum expenses of CHF 50.– per person for lunch (drinks included) and CHF 75.– per person in the evening (drinks included), and that a minimum of 8 people are present in our private room, and 12 people for the restaurant room on the ground floor.

It is possible to completely privatize the restaurant (12 people or more), as long as an aperitif is provided in our private room, and that the minimum expense is chf 80.– per person (drinks included).

The upstairs room can be privatised for fewer than 8 people for a progressive compensation of rental: CHF 70.- for 7 people, CHF 140.– for 6 people, CHF 210.– for 5 people, CHF 280.– for 4 people, CHF 350.– for 3 people, and CHF 420.– for 2 people.

We cannot privatize the ground floor.

Possibility to open on weekends according to our availability: 14 people minimum and an expense of CHF 80.– per person minimum.

The use of a Beamer is CHF 20.–

Useful information

How to get here?

Numerous access possibilities, especially via the motorway exits of Ferney-Voltaire, Grand-Saconnex and Vengeron.

The proximity of the restaurant with the city center of Geneva and the International Airport, also allows to take the public transport.

— Bus 59 = Train Station of Chambésy <-> Airport.
— Bus 20 = Place Neuve <-> Bellevue.
Bus Stop Caron.


Do we have Parking ?

No, but the parking of the “Ecole Valérie” is almost across the street from our restaurant.

Warning: Blue disk mandatory, 4 hours maximum.

Wheelchair, do you accept them?

Yes, it is possible to come with a wheelchair through our terrace and the kitchen.

Attention it must not exceed 69 cm wide and we do not have disabled toilet.

Strollers, do you accept them?

With pleasure, but our restaurant is small, it would be nice to warn us, because we could run out of space.

Thank you in advance.

Dogs, do we accepte them?

Yes as long as it is quiet and the owner has a liability insurance.

Which payments are accepted?

CASH is our preferred way of payment as it is free of Credit Card tax.

We also accept TWINT and the following cards: MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, such as Apple Pay & Google Pay .

Tax Refund

Support of your tax-free bills: remember to give us your form on arrival to optimise the efficiency and speed of the process.

Spoken Languages

Multilingualism: come and exchange with us in French, English, German and Spanish.

Do you have a Wifi connection?

Yes we have a free WIFI. In the restaurant and on our shaded terrace.

Just ask us for the access code.

Gift Vouchers

You can get gift vouchers worth CHF 50.– from us.

To pick up at the restaurant and pay cash only.

Birthday Cake

We do not make birthday cakes, but you can bring your own and we will serve it for a charge of CHF 4.– per person, but this one does not replace in any case the dessert of the current menu.

Can you take your drinks?

Only wines and champagnes are allowed for a corkage fee of CHF 23.–.

For the rest please choose the drinks we offer.

Doggy-Bag, do you offer them?

Yes, with pleasure and with a deposit for our recyclable dishes.

Click here to find out more.

Products Information

Tap water (carafe of water)

Carafe of water, why do we make it pay?

In addition to the usual expenses (wages, taxes, energies), other taxes are added according to the laws and customs of each canton.

Here’s a glimpse of what our small business has to pay per year in order to be able to open:

Trade tax: 1050 / Tax on terraces: 100 / Tourism tax: 200 / Radio Fee TV 365 / CCNT contributions to execution costs 178 / Contribution to the Society of the Cafetiers 400 / Gastro-Swiss Political Fund 70 / Fire Extinguishers Control 310 / Fat separators evacuation 1800 / Evacuation of fried fats 500 / Evacuation of organic waste 800 / Energy control of the building 150 / Fridge Maintenance 2500 / 3.5% Credit Card tax on each card payment.

Thank you for your understanding.

What is the difference between vegetarian and vegan?

A vegetarian diet excludes meat (white and red), fish and seafood, while veganism is a way of life based on the refusal of animal exploitation.

From a food point of view, this means that vegan do not consume, fish, seafood, dairy product, egg or other foods of animal origin, such as honey.

Do you have gluten-free bread?

Yes. We can, on request, provide you with gluten-free rolls at CHF 1.50 a piece.

These are not homemade.

What is gluten?

Gluten is a set of proteins contained in some cereals that comprise our diet, such as wheat or barley.

Highly prized by (the) major manufacturers for its thickening and binding properties, it is found in many industrial products.

Despite its undeniable virtues, gluten is notorious because of the digestive problems it can cause.

Indeed, its consumption causes in some people an inflammation of the small intestine, a phenomenon called celiac disease, more commonly known as gluten intolerance.

Bloating, stomach pain, diarrhea: there are many symptoms.

The only treatment known to date is to avoid consuming any food containing gluten. For people with mild intolerance, it is sometimes enough to reduce their gluten consumption.