Organic and Demeter local Wine

Domaine Château l'Evêque

On the way to Jussy, we must first consult the map of Switzerland. Jussy is located in the far east of the canton of Geneva on the French border. This charming region has always attracted the interest of the initiates. The bishops of Geneva had anchored here their siege. With their knowledge of fertile soil, they already practiced viticulture in Jussy in the Middle Ages. While the castle now belongs to history, the vineyards and the name have remained: Domaine Château L’Évêque.

Our Mineral Water – Premium

A pure and natural composition

True gift of nature, Sembrancher is pure water of the Swiss Alps ideally balanced in minerals. It is a weakly mineralized water with 261 mg of dry residues, bicarbonate-calcium with a magnesian component. It promotes digestion, its bacteriological purity and its very low nitrate content that it can be consumed without moderation. Sembrancher is recognized and labeled “natural mineral water” by the national and European control bodies.

Organic Swiss Eggs

Outdoor breeding

The rooster gives the alarm. Instantly, the birds seek refuge under the high-stemmed fruit trees or rush into the barn. The high-flying raptor started a dive. The chickens at Albert Gretener’s Organic Bud Farm spend a lot of time outdoors. They rely on the roosters, who in accordance with the guidelines of the Organic Bud, must absolutely live in the herd. They protect their female counterparts against the natural enemies that the exits in the meadow bring with them.

Our Basmati Rice

Organic rice from North India

The warm, moist air above the rice fields is filled with an intense scent with floral, spicy and slightly earthy notes. This is the typical Basmati aroma, which comes from recently stitched rice plants. The foothills of the Himalayas extend behind the vast green fields. We are in a small village near the city of Betalghat, about 350 km north of Delhi.

Our Limonade from Lausanne

A delicious natural 100% organic lemonade that is terribly fresh

Initially, there was this simple observation: why do not we find good lemonade at the same time artisanal, natural, produced locally and with prononçables and organic ingredients?

The result: three natural freshly crafted homemade lemonades made in Switzerland.
An abundance of fresh squeezed fruit juice without concentrate and with just the strand of sugar that brings all the balance!

It is this strong desire to offer you the best, nothing but the best, which led us to create Les Pétillantes.

Our honey

From Chambésy

From Marc Caillet in Chambésy, Geneva, Switzerland

Our perchs

Spring water

In Raron in Valais, the perchs of the lake are raised in basins. Close to the Lötschberg tunnel, the exploitation benefits from the spring water evacuated by the digging of the tunnel. When the tunnel was dug, water flowed naturally from the bowels of the earth. It should have been evacuated in the Rhone, but with its 19 ° C, it would have been wasteful. Fish farming therefore installed a one-kilometer pipe to recover it, which gives a constant flow. It is an ideal temperature since the poles are at their best in water at 21 ° C.

Our trouts

Swiss Jura

Raised near the sources of the Venoge at the foot of the Swiss Jura these trout are raised especially for at least 18 months, this in the absence of any treatment. The only organic fish farm in the French-speaking part of Switzerland is a family farm dating back to 1965 which benefits from 300 trout raised in their own basins.

Our shrimps

Black Tiger

Near the town of Cà Mau, in the south of Vietnam, we drive for an hour through the interior of the country and finally climb on a small motor boat. Ngueyen wants to say that here shrimp feed alone, naturally and without the addition of medicines or food additives as is the case with conventional breeding. Organic shrimp feed on small animals and microscopic bacteria that decompose on mangrove leaves and fall naturally into ponds. They do not need anything else.

Beer “La Velosophe”

From Chambésy

Vélosophe Beer is the creation of Damien Bisetti, a bike shop entrepreneur, Swiss BMX Champion, and 4th generation restaurateur and bicycle racer. Velosophe pours forth from these 4 generations of passionate devotion to all that is Bicycle. The history, friendships, emotions, stories, innovations and traditions. Above all, we love how some things have never changed. Legs still hurt. Lungs still burn. The etiquette of group riding. And relaxing with a refreshing beer after a long ride.

The natural evolution of these passions was to create a beer for cyclists. For those who like their cycling unfiltered, pure, raw and emotional, we give you an artisanal beer that does just that. Vélosophe is rich in minerals, calcium, proteins and vitamins that assist your recovery after a hard ride. Open a bottle with friends after a great ride, toast your days effort, laugh and enjoy the camaraderie, and recover so that tomorrow you can go out and do it all over again.

Docteur Gab’s beer

The brewery was established in 2012 on a site known as Claie-aux-Moines and will never run dry as it springs from an inexhaustible source – strong friendship. In January 2001, three friends found their curiosity piqued by brewing and were inspired to take their first faltering steps in beer production. The venture did not end there and every year the quality and professionalism of the business has gone from strength to strength.