Swiss Salmon

Alpine Farm

Six times per year we fly in salmon eggs from Island. It takes up to one year that the fish reach a weight of 150g. After another 10 to 12 months they reach the harvest size of 3.5 kg.

Our unique system allows the fish to live happily in a very stable stress free environment with a continuous flow to swim in. We have four propellers who create a nice stream. During the day the farm manager and his team keep an eye on the fish. They measure the water quality, the temperature, the oxygen and pH levels as well as the automated feeding system, which only uses the especially developed highquality fish feed. This fish feed is free of ethoxyquin and is manufactured in Europe.

After a stress-free rearing and reaching the optimal harvest size of 3.5-4.0 kg the salmon are first electrically stunned immediately killed by cutting the gills. This process takes only a few seconds.

Immediately after processing the fresh salmon will either be smoked at our alpine smokehouse or it leaves the fish farm and goes on the journey to the plates of the connoisseurs.